Royal St. George Yacht Club


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The BNI FortyFoot Chapter meets every Thursday morning from 6.45am until 8:30am at Royal St. George Yacht Club

Royal St. George Yacht Club

Harbour Rd, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Why Join?

BNI Forty Foot in Dun Laoghaire is one of the oldest and most dynamic chapters of BNI in Dublin. We have a mix of established and new members, giving the network a real dynamic energy.

By joining BNI, you’ll increase your exposure to like-minded professionals, gain referrals from a global network and sharpen your networking skills with exclusive member resources.

With thousands of chapters worldwide, BNI provides a global business network that remains unmatched.


Benefits of Membership

  • Substantially increase your business through referrals
  • Access to our exclusive programs and opportunities to sharpen your presentation and business skills
  • Participation in up to 52 networking meetings per year and increased exposure to many other business professionals
  • Receive monthly newsletters with educational material on networking, public speaking and business

Join Now Before Your Competitor Does

Started in January 1985 by Dr. Ivan R. Misner, Founder & CEO of Business Network Int’l., BNI provides a positive, supportive, and structured environment for men and women to further their business through word of mouth marketing.

Networking requires commitment. The most successful chapters of BNI are comprised of participants who are sincerely committed to helping one another through networking. They are a team.

As a participant in BNI, you are responsible for complying with the policies and guidelines of the organisation.


What You Should Know

Only one person from each profession is permitted to join a chapter of BNI. We currently have plenty of spare categories, so why not contact us today and come along as a visitor to our next meeting?

All participants should represent their primary occupation, not a part-time business.

Attendance at the weekly meetings is critical. If you cannot attend a meeting, you may send a substitute. This will not count as an absence. BNI can help you identify a suitable substitute, if you’re stuck.

Participants are required to bring bona-fide referrals and/or visitors to their chapter meetings. BNI provides training and mentoring to new members to help them with the process of understanding how to find referrals, and identify and invite visitors.