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Members Name: Michael Kealy
Centauri House, Sandyford Village,, Sandyford, Co Dublin.

Irish Mortgage Finance - Michael Kealy

Provides expert advice on all aspects of raising and re-organising the finances of individuals; small business and companies, whether starting out into the world of finance or coping with current issues.

He also provides strategic, business and financial solutions for the self-employed and SMEs. This includes helping small businesses to grow by merger or acquisition, or by opening Franchises.

He is the Irish regional director of Diverco Ltd, a UK company which specialises in selling businesses confidentially and discreetly.

Contact: Michael Kealy Tel: +353 1 2999922
Fax: +353 1 2999923


Michael Kealy Esq, Irish Mortgage Finance,

Dear Michael,

Without exception you have played a large part in many of our clients actually achieving their dream log houses.  As a team we count ourselves lucky to work in conjunction with you.

 Herewith a text i received today from the client who has had the trickiest situation in our 23 year history-

Michael made the initial financing package work. He’s a smart broker and good to work with. Regards from us both, J&S.

 As you know this client’s initial financing package was almost scuppered by a very bad accident which prevented him working for 3 months, so it was a great victory that you overcame serious odds to make it work.  He doesn’t give praise lightly as we all know. We all thank you for that.

 You always act with the highest integrity and attention to detail, and engender trust with our clients. Thank you.

 Kindest regards

 daphne LogArt Homes


Michael Kealy Esq. Irish Mortgage Finance,

Dear Michael,

We visited a client yesterday in their log house, and basked in their appreciation over lunch!

 One thing they said I felt I would like to pass on to you was this;

‘when we were feeling that the situation was absolutely hopeless, Michael said that, failing winning the lottery, something would come up, and that we should never give up hope. We didn’t, and the day before Daphne & Gerry worked out a reduced kit for a lower cost we received notification of a small legacy from an Aunt.  To the penny, this meant that we could buy our dream log house, and we will always be grateful to Michael for giving us that hope’.

 Thanks Michael

Best Daphne& Gerry


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